Dr. George W. Stagg
Teaching and Research Technical Officer

I currently work at Newcastle University as part of the technical staff in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

In 2016 I was awarded a Ph.D. in Mathematics by Newcastle University, with the thesis "A Numerical Study of Vortices and Turbulence in Quantum Fluids". My supervisors were Carlo Barenghi and Nick Parker.

In 2012 I obtained a first class MMath degree from Newcastle University, with the project "The Motion of a Fractal Through a Bose-Einstein Condensate". My supervisor was Carlo Barenghi.

View a list of scientific works both published and in preparation.

I like maths, music and computers. View my blog here.


Double Spherical Pendulum image

Double Spherical Pendulum

Classical physics simulation of a double pendulum, with each weight free to move in a spherical manner in three dimensions.

2dgp image


2D-GP is a Fortran project designed to numerically solve the Gross-Pitaevskii equation (GPE) in two dimensions.

Graph curv calc image

Graph Curvature Calculator

A web-tool for calculating the Bakry-Emery curvature of graphs, using David Cushing's graph curvature toolset written in Python.

Youtube Playlist

Quantum Fluid Simulations

A collection of movies on Youtube demonstrating a range of quanutum fluid dynamics.

Teaching and Research

Research Interests

  • Bose-Einstein condensation
  • Quantum vortices and turbulence
  • Vortex dynamics
  • Superfluidity
  • Low temperature physics


  • Introduction to LaTeX - 17th October 2016 09:00-11:00
  • Introduction to LaTeX - 3rd November 2016 11:00-12:00


Research email: george.stagg@ncl.ac.uk

Tweaks email: teggers@teggers.eu

General email: george@teggers.eu

Office: Room 4.05b

Address: Herschel Building,
School of Mathematics & Statistics,
Newcastle University,